During the attack on the U.S. Capitol, a police officer was dragged down and beaten with a U.S. flag. A Colorado man involved in that remains in jail.

It was one of the most memorable scenes from that day: the police officer being dragged down the steps and then beaten with a United States flag and flagpole.

According to Denver 7, five days after the attack, a Colorado man, Jefferey Sabol, was arrested in New York City after driving erratically. Sabol admitted he was the man seen in the footage. Sabol appeared to have injured himself in a suicide attempt, after buying a plane ticket to Zurich out of Boston.

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On April 14, 2021, a federal judge denied Sabol's request for bail, ruling that Sabol is a flight risk and could be a danger to others. He will be held pending trial.

Sabol is one of five people from Colorado, out of more than 250 total people, who have been charged with crimes related to the January 6 attack.

According to 9News, those people are:

  • Jefferey Sabol, 51- Jefferson County
  • Patrick Montgomery, 48 - Littleton
  • Klete Keller, 38 - Colorado Springs
  • Robert Geiswein, 24 - Woodland Park
  • Glenn Wes Lee Croy, 45 - Colorado Springs

Get more on Sabol's arrested and bail denial from Denver 7 HERE.

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