Having lived in Colorado for over 40 years, I have always known there were mountain lions everywhere. However, in all that time, I have never actually seen one. I have seen their tracks. I have heard the cry of a female lion from afar, which sounds much like a woman screaming.

Now, with the use of so many cameras on front porches and natural areas, it's more obvious than ever that mountain lions truly are roaming all over Colorado. I always say "I've never seen them, but they've seen me." Creepy thought, right?

The latest video to surface from a trail cam comes from a resident living near Palmer Lake in El Paso County. She shared the video with KKTV. The video captures a close-up of a mama mountain lion and her 3 cubs. Watch until the end to see the last cub run to catch up.

National Geographic says "Females have an average of two to four cubs per litter and give birth in a den. The cubs are born with spots, which usually disappear by the time they are roughly nine months old. Their eyes also change from blue to yellow by the time they reach 16 months old. By 18 months, the young cats leave their mom to go fend for themselves."


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