Cinema Saver 6 has been around for YEARS. I recently wanted to check out what was playing there and found out they're not called that anymore.

Call it breaking movie news, to me anyway.

Cinema Saver 6 at the corner of Drake and Shields in Fort Collins has been in operation for at least 20 years. Cheap cheap flicks, is what they do. There's nothing wrong with wanting a night out, but not wanting to spend all that money at Cinemark Bistro. Grab a $2 seat, and enjoy a movie. Fun.

I was recently talking about the place with my brother, and we got to wondering if tickets ARE still $2. So, I went to the interwebs and found out, that they are not called Cinema Saver 6 anymore. They are now-   The AMC Classic Worthington 6.

The Worthington. Makes it sound kind of snooty, doesn't it. 'Marcie and I are having lobster with the Cavanaughs at 4, then will see a show at the Worthington.'  It's called the Worthington because boring enough, it's actually ON Worthington Circle.

When did this happen? I'm guessing sometime after AMC bought out the Carmike Theaters chain in 2016. I guess this one missed my radar because I did know that the Carmike on Horsetooth has a new name- 'AMC Classic 10.' - But the Cinema Saver 6 never really said 'Carmike.' OK, maybe it did. I can't be sure.

Regardless, movies ARE still only $2.

When's the last time YOU saw a movie there?

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