The Celebrity Apprentice, like many things that come from Donald Trump, is a success.

The Apprentice started in 2004 and I just started watching last year. I have not watched a full episode of the Celebrity Apprentice, but did catch the whole drama of the Apprentice last fall. I thought it was riveting.

This year's Celebrity Apprentice cast  is a myriad that includes the washed up and the crazy, the haven't had a hit in decades and producers who still bring the heat. Success is relative, and often in the eye of the TV beholder, so the cast runs the gamut. One thing is certain, the 'Celebrity' factor ensures that a respectable amount of passion and pride play a part. In fact, at times pride is what creates the conflict.

It seems that from the starting gate, these folks are more talented than your average contestant. Last night's episode may have given them a certain advantage because it was about putting on a show, and for the likes of Meat Loaf, Gary Busey, and Dionne Warwick, that isn't too tall an order. They are famous for their performances, so they did a fine job with it.

What brings more interest to this is that they are more passionate and wound tighter than normal contestants on the show, therefore the possibility of 'reality tv fireworks' are quite good, if not inevitable. Jose Canseco doesn't want to be seen as a big dumb jock. Dionne Warwick seemed more stubborn than a mule. Gary Busey is...Gary Busey.

Another interesting aspect is seeing these people in an unscripted situation. We think we know about them, but we've only seen many of them in things that are written by other people, so we've never seen how they'll react to tasks or people. Thankfully for their ratings, they often don't react well.

I'm a fan of the show, so if you've liked any of my picks in the past, here is yet another.