Are you someone who enjoys fine home furnishings?

Well, steer clear of one a woman whose life's ambition is to ruin lacquer finishes by dancing on each piece of your prized living room set. "Move the furniture so we could dance?" More like: LEAVE IT WHERE IT IS, WHATEVER, THIS IS THE UPRISING.

In a new commercial for Apple Music, for whichTaylor Alison Swift, has previously face-planted on a treadmill and sung into a tube of lipstick, the 26-year-old finds herself in search of amusement on an uneventful evening. Somehow, she winds up on the Apple's "Friday Night Rocks!" playlist, and after declaring "I love a quiet night at home," proceeds to blast The Darkness' 2003 hit "I Believe in a Thing Called Love." Then the madness begins.

First, Taylor Swift stomps all over the floor — whether hardwood or carpet, it's likely done for. Then, it's onward to what's likely an expensive coffee table, into which the singer grinds her knees and feet. A small chair's leaned backward, a couched is forced to withstand the impact of the performance's crash-landing and by the time the madness is over, a series of interior decorators have likely been reduced to tears.

"Dance like no one's watching," a final frame recklessly encourages.

Check out Taylor's latest Apple Music commercial above, and, as a precaution, consider investing in a collection of plastic couch covers.

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