Fort Collins is known as the Choice City, but did you know that Fort Collins, Colorado, used to go by an entirely different name? It is hard to imagine Fort Collins, the fourth-biggest city in Colorado, going by a different name, but it did until 1864.

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History Lesson: The Roots of Fort Collins, Colorado

YouTube Screenshot: goldvideoexplore, Canva
YouTube Screenshot: goldvideoexplore, Canva

Lieutenant Colonel William O. Collins originally discovered Fort Collins. Collins was a commander of Cavalry Troops from Ohio. Before Collins found what is now known as Fort Collins, he and his troops stayed at Fort Laramie.

That was until Lieutenant Colonel William O. Collins took his troops to a new camp and called it Camp Collins.

Fort Collins Used to Be Camp Collins

Camp Collins began in 1862 during the Colorado War. Initially, it was established to protect early settlers and travelers.

Camp Collins had a massive flood in 1864, just two years after it started, and the settlement and troops moved 4 miles down the Cache La Poudre river to where Fort Collins currently stands on the northern Front Range.

When Fort Collins Transitioned to a City

As the population grew, the camp transitioned from a military camp to a town and, eventually, a city.

Camp Collins officially became Fort Collins in October 1864 when it moved from its original camp to the new area. Leaders named it Fort Collins to separate it from the previous camp.

What Is in Store for Fort Collins in the Future

View of Fort Collins

As mentioned above, Fort Collins is currently the fourth-largest city in Colorado. The city of Fort Collins is only going to grow from here. The Choice City was recently ranked the 12th fastest-growing city in the country.

Source: City of Fort Collins 

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