All of Cameron Peak Fire burning may cause more mayhem down the road.

Cameron Peak Fire officials warned in a video update Thursday that all of the fire destruction may cause floods after it's extinguished.

"When rain comes down over ash it creates what's called a hydrophobic effect," explained firefighter spokesperson Kale Casey.

This means the ash and water repel each other and won't mix. This will prevent rain from penetrating the ground and a flood can be created. The ash and debris will also clog drainage making flooding even higher.

Pinch points at the bottom of the mountain creates a choke point of debris.

Fire officials are urging residents to be aware of post-fire flooding and encourage you to park on high ground while you are recreating.

The Cameron Peak Fire remained at 208,913 acres and 92% containment in the Thursday (Nov. 5) official update.

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How The 2020 Cameron Peak Fire Has Grown


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