I captured this photo on at noon Monday (Sept. 7) in Windsor while ash was catching in my eyelashes like snow. I literally put up Halloween decorations this weekend because I thought I was in some kind of horror film.

When Labor Day weekend began, the damage was at about 24,000 acres for the Cameron Peak Fire. That all changed on Sunday when our skies turned apocalyptic.

This Tuesday morning, the Cameron Peak Fire has reached over 102,596 acres, making it the worst wildfire in Larimer County's history. It surpassed the 2012 High Park Fire, which burned 87,000 acres. To make the milestone all the more disturbing, it is snowing even as I type this.

This year, we had one of our driest and hottest seasons yet and although the source of the Cameron Peak Fire has not been determined, Governor Jared Polis has issued a statewide fire ban due to weather conditions.

Of course, we are all hoping this early Colorado snow will teach the Cameron Peak Fire a lesson, fingers crossed.

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How The 2020 Cameron Peak Fire Has Grown


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