You love hanging out with your dog, your cat; you pet loves hanging out with you. You also love a glass of wine, but your pet can't have wine. They CAN have this, though!

Woman with glass of wine and cat on sofa

Imagine being curled up on the couch having a nice glass of wine, with your cat or dog curled up alongside. Now imagine, your cat or dog having their OWN serving of wine!

Apollo Peak, out of Golden, is ready to help you bridge that gap!  Their motto is:

We Make Pet Wine To Help Create a Fun and Social Atmosphere for Humans and their furry companions.

They create and sell Dog Wines and Cat Wines- safe, healthy and, of course, alcohol-free pet beverages!  Not only wines but beers and other 'human' beverage themed drinks too. The names of some of these are great:

  • The Pinot Meow 
  • The Catbernet
  • The Katbucha
  • The Chardognay
  • The Zinfantail
  • Twisted Tail Ale (Dog Beer)

Their pet beverages do also have benefits for your pet- such as helping with their coat/fur, their heart, their bones and such.

This would be a lot of fun- for you AND your pet. If anything, a great conversation piece in the kitchen! Get their full list of products at the Apollo Peak website!

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