The big "B's", Budweiser and Burger King, are joining forces to bring you a tasty burger and a beer drinking device known as the "Freedom Crown". And, they will add a familiar commercial to help promote it.

First, the burger. It's called the "American Brewhouse King Sandwich" that has two beef patties, smoked bacon, crispy onions, what they call "tavern sauce", American cheese, and mayonnaise on a sesame seed bun. It does not, as you noticed, have any beer in it. Some restaurants have this on their menu and, according to, they go for $6.19 - for a limited time only.

As for the "Freedom Crown", not everyone can have one of these as they are only for those who are 21 and over. Why? Well, it can not only hold that big ole burger, but it also has a slot for an ice cold can of Budweiser beer. Yes, we finally have available to us head gear that can house our food and our adult beverage!

Finally, the advertising. As you can imagine, Budweiser and Burger King want to get the word out, so they are going back in time to pull out a classic to help with it's promotion.


I guess the "I Love You Man" commercials weren't the better option. The year of the relaunch (see "Roseanne", "Will & Grace", and "Last Man Standing") have worked for television sitcoms, maybe it will work for Budweiser and Burger King. Dilly Dilly.

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