Not far from Avery Brewing in Boulder is a parcel of irrigated agricultural land that prairie dogs have been damaging. Starting in 2021, that 'damage' will be mitigated.

They are cute, that's hard to deny. But prairie dogs can be a nuisance where they aren't wanted. Boulder's city council voted 8-1 that the city will begin mitigation of the prairie dogs that occupy valuable agricultural land.

According to the Denver Post, in 2021, the city will use both nonlethal and lethal forms of getting the prairie dogs off the land. They'll relocate some (around 1,000) off of the 1,200 acres, but they'll be using humane carbon monoxide 'in-burrow lethal control' to kill 3,000 to 6,000 prairie dogs each year.

Get more on the issue from the Denver Post HERE.

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