It really doesn't come as a huge 'shocker' to hear that there are Boulderites who take to consuming something weird, like their own pee. Right?

On the bright side, it's hard to find a picture of someone drinking urine, so at least we don't have to see that.

I saw the story from Newsweek, who picked it up from 9News.  Apparently, there are some folks that get together once a month in Boulder to discuss how their own pee is helping them.

One gentleman rubs it on his skin to alleviate his eczema. OK, sure. Why not. People, especially people in Boulder, are into all sorts of holistic medicines. These folks follow the 'doctrine' that 'if it comes from your body, it's good for you.'

The Newsweek article counters that there is not enough MODERN evidence of its efficiency to use your own urine for much of anything, especially consuming. unless you're under a dire situation; like stuck in the rubble of a demolished building. The reason, according to the article, is that urine contains elements that the body is looking to expel; putting those elements BACK into your body can cause you a lot of problems.

Ya. I learned a lot. A lot about urine, the uses of urine and how I don't like the thought of my urine being anywhere but far away from my body. So, thanks for that, Boulder.

Get the story from 9News HERE.  Get the Newsweek story HERE.


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