On Good Friday, 2021, a church located very close to King Soopers where the mass shooting took place, held a vigil with an anvil and hammers.

Less than two weeks after 10 people were killed when the arrested subject used a semi-automatic weapon at the King Soopers at Broadway and Table Mesa Drive, Boulder Mennonite Church (3910 Table Mesa Drive) held this event.


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According to the Colorado Sun, the church invited members of the community out to help turn disassembled guns into garden tools. The church has been donating the completed 'new' project to the group 'Raw Tools,' whose credo is:

Disarming hearts. Forging peace. Cultivate Justice. Replacing tools of violence with tools of creation

If anything, I could see this as a way to let out some frustration over the tragedy. Pick up a small ball-pean hammer and smack a part of what used to be part of a weapon.

The event was an example of 'turning swords into plowshares,' a phrase that Don Henley turned around in his 1989 hit, 'End of the Innocence:'

..They're beating plowshares into swords..'

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