I'm a huge fan of Asian cuisine. In fact, Chinese food is tied as my favorite, along with tacos. So if I have the opportunity to eat at a poke bar, I'm going to take it. This one came as a recommendation from a co-worker and I'm glad I listened.

Honolulu Poke Bar in Johnstown was great. A quick google search shows three locations in NoCo, including two in Fort Collins and the one I visited in Johnstown.

They give you a great selection of toppings to go with your choice of base (white rice, brown rice, or lettuce). I also give them a check in the spicy department. I am a fan of spice food and when Honolulu Poke Club says "spicy tuna" or "spicy aioli", they mean it. The restaurant is also reasonably priced and clean. If you're looking for a lunch spot, give Honolulu Poke Bar try.


4918 Thompson Pkwy, Johnstown, CO 80534

2842 Council Tree Ave #131, Fort Collins, CO 80525

1232 W Elizabeth St Unit C-9, Fort Collins, CO 80521

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