Bono, known for his philanthropic endeavors, met with Colorado Senator Cory Gardner recently in D.C. to discuss fighting global poverty with private-sector dollars.

People in fragile and developing countries across the world would benefit from the bi-partisan 'BUILD Act' in Congress. BUILD stands for 'Better Utilization of Investments Leading to Development.'

The U.S. does spend a lot on foreign aid, but it often isn't enough. The Build Act, co-sponsored by Senator Garnder would help by fast-tracking endeavors that will create jobs in foreign countries such as Africa.

The ONE Campaign, co-founded by Bono is a big proponent of the idea and had a meeting with Senator Gardner to thank him for coming on board with the bill.

Get the details on the story, including how a CU student helped get Senator Garnder on board from Denver Channel 7 HERE.

Here, the ONE Campaign gives the details on BUILD:

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