This weekend, the massive snowstorm pummeling the East Coast has caused 11 states to declare a state of emergency.  

Residents of places like New York, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and more are preparing for a snowy day in, and if not, they're strapping on their snowshoes before they head out into the now-infamous winter storm of 2016.

We here in Northern Colorado feel your pain-- while we haven't had such a life-threatening storm in quite a while, we're familiar with the snow controlling our commute, our workday, and pretty much everything else in our lives.

Colorado residents can sympathize with the snowy plight of the East Coasters, and we've even got some tips for you this weekend below.  Make sure you stay safe over all else, but don't forget about the fun stuff, too.

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    Netflix and Chill (Literally)

    Our contributor Shelby wants you to make sure you're taking advantage of your Netflix account this winter, so click the header to check out the titles she recommends for the ideal night in.

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    Make a Snow-garita and More

    Mollie's got TWELVE different ways for you to enjoy the snow, and a lot of these options include alcohol.  Hey, it's just one more way to keep warm, right?  Click the link to read them all.

  • Michael Smith, Hulton Archive
    Michael Smith, Hulton Archive

    Appreciate Those Who Make Your Commute Safer

    We had over 500 plows out during our crazy snowstorm-- click the link to read the full story. Hey, East Coast, how many will it take to get you to work Monday morning?

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    Get Out the GOOD Camera.

    Contributor Matt Sparx over at our sister station K99 loves taking pictures, and the snow just makes everything more beautiful, doesn't it?  Click the title to see his gallery of photos from our recent snowstorm, and get some inspiration for your winter photography.

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    Don't Let it Get to You!

    Yeah, the snow can really drive you nuts, especially when it's all you've seen for weeks and weeks-- but don't let it get to your head.  You might freak out and do something you'll regreat...such as shoving someone off a ski lift.  Click the header to read the full story.

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