Cerealiously, if you're having friends and ghouls over for Halloween, Black Bottle's annual brew is the perfect pairing, fangs or no fangs.

The gang at Black Bottle are back with this year's unofficial 'Halloween' beer. The 2019 Count Chocula Cereal Milk Stout will be released on Monday, September 30.

You can drop in and have one on draft, or take a 4-pack of 12 oz. bottles home to enjoy with your fanged friends. They'll also have a Bourbon Barrel-Aged version that will only be available on draft.

If you loved Count Chocula cereal as a kid, this annual brew is a must-try. They've been brewing it up special for about five years, now.

You should count how many you enjoy before they're out for the season: 'One! One Count Choclua Stout! Two! Two Count Chocula Stout!' Be sure to drink responsibly.

Get more on the Halloween brew from Black Bottle HERE.

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