You have got to love this woman. Betty White is turning 90 this month, and NBC is planning a 90 minute birthday celebration to air January 16th. The veteran actress also has other projects in the works on top of her current Hot In Cleveland show.

It's a seniors' prankster type of show called 'Betty White's Off Their Rockers'.

White has recruited a crew of seniors to do the hidden camera pranks on regular folks. She won't do any of the pranking herself, as she'd be too easily recognize. NMC will air a sneak preview of the show after the birthday special they're planning. Then 'Betty White's Off Their Rockers' will return in the spring with 12 more episodes.

White was her usual randy self at a Friday press session. Are there two or three other things you've always wanted to do, a reporter asked: "I'm not going to say Robert Redford, as much as you want to hear it," she said. And how does she keep so busy at her ripe age? Her longtime agent, who convinced her to host Saturday Night Live last season. "If he brings me stuff, I say yes," she says. Pause. "If I don't, he beats me."

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