"A yurt, you want to live in what?" I heard my mom question over the phone. It's just one of many in a long list of things I've said to her in the last 12 years since graduating college.

If you have a gypsy soul, you know exactly what mindset is happening. From wanting to buy a VW bus and drive around Hawaii to selling everything and hiking the Pacific Crest Trail to wanting to go to Africa on a mission trip, my mind is an endless trap for daydreams.

The latest installment has me wanting to live in a yurt. What is a yurt? A traditional one is a portable, round tent covered with skins or felt and used by nomads mostly in Central Asia. While living in a house built of "skins" is probably the least appealing thing you've read all day, rest assured that modern yurts are usually on a wooden platform; using steam-bent wood framing or metal framing, are covered in canvas or tarpaulin, some have a Plexiglas dome and radiant insulation.

Since my dreams are as random as the April weather in Colorado, the smart play (the one the voice of my mother advocates) is not to sell our house in Loveland but maybe take advantage of the beautiful yurts around Colorado that are available on Airbnb to rent.

To book the Creede, CO yurt through Airbnb, click here.

To book the Gateway, CO yurt through Airbnb, click here.

To learn more about Leadville Backcountry LLC, click here.

Additional resources for yurt rentals in Colorado include Phoenix Ridge Yurts, Gateway Canyon Resorts, and Colorado Yurts.