In the early hours of August 2nd, up to 30 unlocked cars in the Heron Pointe community in northwest Berthoud were entered by thieves who took items ranging from electronics to cologne. No one on the community Facebook page reported break-in damage, just evidence that someone had been in their car and had taken some items.

According to the Reporter-Herald, the neighborhood is relatively new with construction completed about two years ago, but residents like Billy Robb say, "People trust each other here". With such trust, it's not uncommon to feel comfortable enough to leave the car unlocked. Unfortunately for the residents of this community, this was an open door for thieves to raid almost 30 cars in one night.

The Reporter-Herald says up to 15 calls were made to the Sheriff's Office to report "vehicle trespasses". The Larimer County Sheriff's Office has started an investigation.


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