Plan for a warm costume as there is snow and freezing temperatures for the weekend forecast. Also, plan for a safe ride as there will be a major DUI enforcement going on across Colorado.

The Colorado Department of Transportation and Colorado State Patrol are teaming up with over 70 local law enforcement agencies through November 1 to remove impaired drivers from roads in Colorado.

Last year, there were 134 DUI arrests made during Halloween enforcement.

“Don't ruin your holiday or all the ones coming soon by changing the direction of your life with a DUI. If the thought of risking the lives of others isn't a motivator to stop driving intoxicated, the cost and inconvenience of a DUI could be, stated Col. Matthew C. Packard, chief of the Colorado State Patrol. "Plan a safe ride before you start, it's poor choices, like driving impaired, that can haunt you. Take responsibility.”

2023 Impaired Driving Fatalities Highest Counties

Halloween Safe Driving Graphic
There are Uber discounts available through the Governors Highway Safety Association. So far this year, they have discounted over 6,900 sober rides.

Let's not forget that besides putting your life and the lives of others in danger, DUIs are expensive! First-time DUI offenders can end up paying an average of $13,530 and a minimum of 170 hours of their time dealing with the consequences, according to That makes that Uber ride look like pocket-change.

According to Colorado Crime Statistics, there were 16,202 DUI arrests made in 2022. People just don't take it seriously. Don't be one of those people this Halloween weekend. Call a friend. Call an UBER. Don't drink and drive.

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