Once the weather starts turning nice each Spring, Lovelanders begin to wonder: 'When will Dairy Delite open?' The wondering and waiting are over!

Dairy Delite
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Dairy Delite announced via their Facebook page that they are NOW open for the 2018 season!  This will mark the cherished ice cream shop/burger joint's 40th year in operation on east Eisenhower in Loveland!

This family-run business (icon) has been teasing the upcoming season, asking folks what they've been looking forward to the most about the new season; but they've been very quiet about WHEN they would open.

Then, today (March 27, 2018) they posted the news on their sign:

'Welcome Back. Open.' Subtle? Yes. Exciting? Indeed!

Vienna dogs, shakes, flame-broiled burgers and of course- that Dole soft serve! Maybe you'll get yours dipped? Of course, you will! Try and save us a spot inside for a game of Ms. Pac-Man!

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