The website Rant Sports has come out with their list of the worst quarterbacks of all time for every NFL franchise, and the Denver Broncos worst QB of all time is a familiar name to all of us.

According to the survey, they list Tim Tebow as the QB that was the worst at the helm for our beloved Broncos. The website goes on to say this about the first round draft pick:

"Yes, Tebow was credited with seven wins in 11 games in 2011, but no one in their right mind believes that he was the major reason. Tebow was god-awful for 55 minutes in every game, but he got lucky during the final five. After one season as a starter, the Broncos jettisoned Tebow, a former first-round pick, to the Jets."

Of course, since his time as a Bronco, Tebow hasn't been able to stick around long enough for any other professional team after flirting in the preseason with the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles this Summer.

If Tim Tebow never played for the Broncos, who would be next in line to claim the "worst of" crown?

None other than Danny Kanell. Remember him?

Credit: Stringer/Getty Images

The former third string quarterback was called to Denver in an emergency when both Jake Plummer and Steve Beuerlein succumbed to injuries in the 2003 season. He threw two touchdowns and three interceptions in 103 pass attempts for Denver that year.

He was cut after the 2004 season and has never been seen in an NFL uniform since then.

Which makes us think when comparing the two...wouldn't Kanell take the top spot? At least Tebow had a playoff victory under his belt.