Last night, I was able to see Anastasia at the Buell Theater in Denver, and as a childhood Anastasia fan, I was excited for the show. One question still remains, though...did the show live up to the Broadway hype?

Anastasia first hit Broadway in 2016, and ever since its premiere, many have been waiting for the production to travel through Denver. The show has an extremely short run through the Denver Center for Performing Arts— August 7 through the 19— and features new, exciting numbers, yet leaves out original, somewhat important characters to the story.

During the first half of the show, you can see how the story has changed from the original movie released in 1997 (which is NOT a Disney movie, says I to everyone I know). First of all, we don't get much about the fall of the Romanoffs, but there is a dramatic scene referencing the Russian revolution that is certainly powerful, tinged with red and tragedy. Rasputin is nowhere to be found, and you can imagine my disappointment when I realized this number wasn't going to happen live:

I MEAN, COME ON. Where's my chorus of zombie bugs singing along to a sick '90's guitar riff?

However, overall, the show was a delight: most of the original numbers you know and love are included, including my personal fave, 'Once Upon a December', which was chilling and gorgeously performed by the lead, Lila Coogan.

And can we talk about the costumes? Whoever did the design work on this show deserves a Tony; every gown was beautiful and ornate, and the famous blue dress from the original cartoon made a modern appearance.

I had so much fun at the show, and would recommend it to anyone thinking about buying last-minute tickets before the show moves on to the next city. Until it comes back, I'll just keep stalking my favorite characters on Instagram like a totally normal theater fan.

What did you think about the play?

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