When everyone, including tons of Coloradans, loves Peyton Manning, the opportunity to be in a trailer for the new season of "The ManningCast" has to be hard to resist.

In the full, 7+ minute trailer, they squeeze in 35 cameos. Sports stars, comedians, famous broadcasters, a gymnast. It's quite a list.

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Former Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and his younger brother Eli Manning from the NY Giants, have a show on ESPN2 and ESPN+ - "The ManningCast."

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During the "ManningCast," the two brothers discuss the Monday Night Football game that's happening; they have the occasional guests and generally have a really fun time.

The show is wildly popular, which you can gather, by the amount of stars they got to participate in this "spoof" video.

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The premise of the video/trailer is that the "higher-ups" would like to see the Mannings add another member to their team; so, they are holding auditions. The stars start coming in and having their own kind of fun.


Detroit Lions QB Jared Goff starts things off; the last star you see is Tom Brady, who doesn't get to audition. In between those two is a barrage of celebrities; some of which you recognize immediately, others you don't.

Let's see if we can help.

All the Celebrities in the 'ManningCast Auditions' Video - In Order

'The ManningCast,' with Peyton and Eli Manning is wildly popular. which you can gather, by the amount of stars they got to participate in this "spoof" video.

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