There's so many things that have changed about life in the last couple years, but none probably bigger than the mainstream availability to artificial intelligence - or A.I. as it's more commonly called.

People all across the world are finding its usefulness to be a little frightening, to be honest. And even more are concerned about its technology rendering their jobs useless. Why pay a person when a computer can do the same work or spit out the same information in a fraction of the time?

One of those jobs seemingly at risk are travel agents. With the vast majority of travelers now simply booking their own travel online, the real perk of a using a travel agent in 2024 is that they typically know where the best deals are, in addition to things at your destination you should do or should avoid.

Problem is, A.I. like ChatGPT can do that for you now. Let's see what they have to say about the "can't miss places and things in Northern Colorado."

1. Rocky Mountain National Park

I think this makes sense as the top of the list, of course. People from all around the world come to visit Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes, and rightfully so. Over 300 miles of hiking trails, lakes, Trail Ridge Road and views for days. ChatGPT got this one right.

2. City of Fort Collins

Home to Colorado State University, and consistently ranking in the top of cities across America with the highest number of breweries per capita, Fort Collins is a logical landing spot for people coming to visit.


3. Greeley Stampede

The World's Largest 4th of July Rodeo and Western Celebration - now for more than 100 years! Yep, I'd say ChatGPT is bang on making the Stampede a "must do" when visiting Northern Colorado.

4. Horsetooth Reservoir

An estimated million visitors a year can't be wrong about Horsetooth, so A.I. isn't either. Larimer County says that Horsetooth is the third busiest reservoir in the state of Colorado for boating, fishing, hiking and more.

5. City of Estes Park

The gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park and the home of some really cool shops, restaurants and sightseeing downtown. Plus, oh yeah, there's some famous hotel there too.

Unsplash, Zachary Delorenzo
Unsplash, Zachary Delorenzo

6. Cache la Poudre River

ChatGPT says the Cache la Poudre is Colorado's "only designated wild and scenic" river, and I had no clue what that meant. So I looked it up. It means that it's been designated as such by the National Park Service in order to preserve their free flowing conditions and not be dammed or otherwise impeded for things like hydropower projects, etc. Fun fact about the river I did not know!

7. The Stanley Hotel

Obviously the Stanley is one of NoCo's most known and visited places. Stephen King, ghost hunters, Dumb & Dumber... the Stanley's history has a little something for everyone.


8. City of Loveland

The Sweetheart City is famous for its Valentine's Day re-mailing program, beautiful sculpture gardens - and of course, is the first NoCo location for a certain burger joint you can't get enough of.

9. New Belgium Brewing

One of the craft brewing industry's early pioneers, and still one of the most visited breweries in the entire United States. Of course this makes the list.

10. Larimer County Farmers Market

Held in various locations over the years, the longest running farmer's market in NoCo kicks off again May 18, 2024 through October 26, held at 200 W. Oak St in Fort Collins. You can get more info about it on their website.

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