Let's pretend we're in the kitchen as Debbie Fitzgerald walks in with the items she bought at the Whole Foods on East Hampden and South Tamarac in Denver. Her husband is in a nearby room and starts asking questions:

Husband: "Hey, honey! Did you go to the store"?
Husband: "What did you get"?
Debbie: "I got some vegetables, soy milk, fresh bread, a selfie with Steven Tyler, and those vitamins you like so much".
"Oh, thank you. I do like those vitam......WHAT? Steven Tyler....of Aerosmith"?

debbie and steven

Picture: Debbie Fitzgerald via Twitter

That's him and that's Debbie! What seemed like a usual trip to the store turned in to something better than discounted wheat bread! According to 9News, Debbie spotted the Aerosmith frontman and approached him. Debbie said that he was very "gracious and sweet" and was obviously kind enough to take this selfie with her. This will definitely be something she will never forget.

Maybe you saw Aerosmith in Denver in August of 2014?

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