Not ‘just another day at the ol’ Chick-Fil-A’ for these two. Recently, at a Highlands Ranch location of Chick-Fil-A, one employee was choking on some food while on break. One of his coworkers, luckily, knows the Heimlich maneuver.

Summer jobs, Never a lot of fun. Zero fun, to be exact, when you're trying to enjoy a lunch break and you start choking. Good grief. On the bright side, one of his coworkers, the one that happened to be closest to him, knows the Heimlich maneuver and went to action.

The action ends pretty quickly. He performs the maneuver, and the coworker coughs up the lodged waffle fry or whatever. They all go back to what they were doing. No applause, no autographs. ‘Nothing to see here, move along.’

One of his managers, probably thankful that nobody died on his watch, did buy the heroic employee a sandwich. I wonder if the employee got to choose the sandwich. Was it a full-on combo meal, or just a sandwich? What’s the going rate on a free meal when you’ve rescued someone? I can tell you this: I’m going to bet that he did NOT order what the other guy ordered!

Regardless, nice job, Andrew!

Have you ever saved someone while at work?


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