There’s a lot in Fort Collins that's been vacant for YEARS.  It’s the space between the Cinemark Theater and Texas Roadhouse, off of Timberline and Harmony.  They're going to put a hotel there this summer, but what other things could go there, instead?

Texas Roadhouse
Dave Jensen, TSM

It’s a busy little complex, over at Timberline and Harmony in Fort Collins. You have Old Chicago, Macaroni Grill, Noodles & Company, La-Z-Boy Furniture, First National Bank, doctors’ offices, gas, Jersey Mike’s, Texas Roadhouse, Cinemark Theaters, and others. That’s why it’s been so weird, to me, that the area between the Cinemark and Texas Roadhouse has been unused for so long. My best guess is that it’s because the lot is pretty small- it’s only 2.10 acres.  It's kind of hard to believe that they're going to put a hotel there this summer! 

I got to thinking: ‘What else could they put there?’

Here are 5 ideas!

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