(That aren't Sonic, and would likely be Fieri-approved.) While most of these nostalgic food joints* are destinations, perfect for a summer road trip, there's one that is close to home. *Bonus if they have roller skating car hops.

J.B.'s Drive In - Greeley

It's not just great for Instagrams, there's a lot of history there, too. J.B's originally opened in 1937 as a small sandwich shop on 25th Street and 8th Avenue. The drive in had to close for a year during WWII when there was no meat or sugar, but reopened in 1944 and has been serving since.

Cy's Drive In - Colorado Springs

If you find yourself farther south on I-25, there's Cy's. It's been open since 1953, and it still looks like it's 1953 inside. It also only has eight booths... so good thing it's a drive in.

George's Drive-Inn

And if you keep going south on the interstate, you'll eventually hit a couple other drive ins, including George's Drive Inn in Walsenburg. We've never heard of it, but we'd go for the food.

Lee's BBQ - Trinidad

The other drive in you'll find on the south side shakes it up (beyond burgers and shakes). Car-side BBQ delivery is what you'll get at Lee's BBQ in Trinidad.

Vicco's Charcoalburger Drive-In - Glenwood Springs

If your summer vacay leads you up I-70, you can stop for a bite at Vicco's in Glenwood Springs, open since 1953.

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