There is nothing better than a good cup of coffee to get your day started, especially when it is coming from some of the best coffee shops in town.

Today, we take a minute to explore the city of Longmont to find out who some of the best coffee shops are in town. Whether you like your coffee hot, or maybe you like it iced, there are plenty of options throughout the entire city.

We had a chance to scour through Yelp to see who has the highest ratings amongst all of them in Longmont, and here is who they say are the top five (according to reviews).

So whether you live in Longmont, or just driving through, make sure you put one of these coffee locations on your to-do list. You may need that jolt of caffeine sooner than you know it!


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    Javastop (301 Main Street)

    Out of 39 reviews, the Javastop gets a full five stars on Yelp, crowning it as the top one throughout the city of Longmont. As one reviewer states about the Javastop, "Wonderful local cafe.  We came for breakfast and we were served by Jason who was warm and friendly.  I love the feel of the place, relaxed and homey.  There are couches and people hanging out reading.  Feels like my local spot back home. Loved it."

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    La Vita Bella Coffee House (475 Main Street)

    La Vita Bella has 80 reviews on Yelp, and has a score of 4.5 out of five stars to place second in the city. Here is what one reviewer said of the shop, "One of my favorite things is trying new coffee shops! This place was super cute. The vibe inside is relaxing and quaint. Perfect for a coffee shop! We went during a very dead time so there was only 1 other couple in the shop. Staff was nice and quick. I got an iced caramel latte with their homemade caramel sauce. It was delicious AND strong, which was just perfect. I'd definitely go back next time I'm in the area!"

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    Red Frog Coffee (15 Ken Pratt Blvd)

    Red Frog Coffee gets 4.5 stars out of five according to Yelp, with 70 reviews contributing to it. Here's one review off of the website, "Ok, I have to fess up, I am a regular here, and there is good reason for that. I am a bit worried about posting this review as I kind of like it when it is sleepy and quiet. All the disclaimers and caveats being disposed of, time to get into the review. The Espresso is flavorful, rich and always presents with a wonderful head of creama. The coffee based beverages are of generous portions and very reasonably priced. The staff is friendly, engaged and acknowledge your presence, even when they are deep in the weeds with taking care of orders. All in all, great coffee, personable and attentive staff and fair prices, what more could one ask for? Wine, beer, food, guess what they have that all as well!"

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    Ziggi's Coffee House (400 North Main Street)

    Ziggi's Coffee House (which has announced a new Fort Collins location), is ranked fourth in the city of Longmont with four stars out of 76 reviews. One review about Ziggi's states, "Cute coffee shop with local art! I had the honey red chai, which was the perfect combination of bright sunny notes and warm creamy deliciousness to stave off the snowy cold. I ordered an everything bagel which came from a local Baker. It was perfectly toasted. Cream cheese came in a packet to spread myself. The baristas were a bit distracted in chatting amongst themselves, but they managed the crowd well and there was no wait for my drinks."

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    Brewing Market (1520 South Hover Road)

    The Brewing Market rounds out our top five list for the city of Longmont, with four stars out of 25 reviews. One reviewer states about Brewing Market, "Mark my words... As of today, brewing market had the best coffee of my short coffee drinking life. And just in general, the best experience at a coffeeshop I've ever had. Although not the most instagram-worthy place, the environment and brewing market is very functional. Any type of seating you can imagine, besides a bean bag chair, brewing market offers: hard chair, cushioned chair, sofa, booths, etc. It's all about the options and I can really appreciate that! Moreover, even with all that seating, it's extremely spacious. I hate how Starbucks and a lot of other coffee places try their best to cram as many tables in as possible. So much so that you can hear a person across the room take a breath... Lastly, i can really respect how strategically located brewing market was: tons of naturally lighting beams in and is surrounded by ample parking and not close to any loud streets. 

    Service here is superb. The baristas were so accommodating. They recommended a drink to my friend and promised that if it didn't jive with her then they'd switch out her coffee. Unfortunately the exotic matte chai didn't exactly go well for her, but they kept up their end of the bargain and she was very pleased to be able to try something new without any repercussions. As for me, I kept it safe with a hazelnut iced coffee. But unbeknownst to me, it would be the most amazing hazelnut iced coffee I've ever sipped. And I've tried many a hazelnut flavored drink to adequately compare. I don't know what they put into my cup but the flavor sensation literally flooded over me. I know it feels like I'm exaggerating for review flare, but really... I'm not. 10 stars! Would be here every day if I didn't live so far away. Sads."

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