The most intense male and female skiers and riders from all over the world gathered in Breckenridge, Colorado December 11-14, 2014 for The Dew Tour Mountain Championships. 

Dew Tour goers were able to watch all of the action at the base of the mountain, and could also ride up on the lifts to get a better view of the competitors as they were coming down. Some of the athletes, such as famed U.S. Olympian Scotty Lago, even came into the bar at the base to hang out with fans, take pictures, and cheer others on. The Dew Tour also included a live concert, adding to the party atmosphere, as well as giveaways and fun games for people to join in on.

There were numerous competitions and qualifying rounds for both skiers and riders. Competition was tough this year, and we were blown away by some of the amazing tricks and runs that we got to witness. This was also the ten-year anniversary of The Dew Tour adding Breckenridge as a stop. Colorado was the final stop for the tour this year.

Men's Results
Snowboard Slopestyle Final
1. Chas Guldemond
2. Sebastian Toutant
3. Tyler Nicholson
Freeski Slopestyle Final
1. Gus Kenworthy
2. Øystein Bråten
3. Nick Goepper
Snowboard Superpipe Final
1. Taylor Gold
2. Yiwei Zhang
3. Scotty James
Freeski Superpipe Final
1. Torin Yater-Wallace
2. David Wise
3. Kevin Rolland


Women's Results
Snowboard Slopestyle Final
1. Jamie Anderson
2. Enni Rukajärvi
3. Christy Prior
Freeski Slopestyle Final
1. Keri Herman
2. Emma Dahlström
3. Julia Krass
Snowboard Superpipe Final 
1. Kelly Clark
2. Chloe Kim
3. Arielle Gold
Freeski Superpipe Final
1. Maddie Bowman
2. Annalisa Drew
3. Ayana Onozuka
Kelsey Nistel/ TSM