How can I say this delicately....I'm not a fan of most romantic comedies. I mean, is this the most formulaic genre out there? Man/Woman gets their heart broken, they set out on a quest to win back their true love, along the way they meet someone who they don't even consider as a love interest, and by the end they realize that the heartbreaker was a bad egg the the person they met along the way is the one who is worthy of their love. And...repeat!

The formula works if the writing holds up (see Legally Blonde), but there seems to be a yearly quota in this genre that has nothing to do with quality. It creates problems for me because I don't want to diss on the movies my wife likes, but I have an involuntary reaction to these movies that have what I consider to be bad's a bit of a mix between a gag and a cough, and I feel it ruins what my wife considers to be very tender moments.

So, without further ado, I give to you the 2 BEST CHICK FLICKS OF ALL TIME!! These can be enjoyed equally by male and female. Good writing, good acting, one is funny, the other intense. But most importantly, the women get the lovey dovey stuff they seem to require, while the men enjoy something all American men love--baseball!!

  • Fever Pitch - First of all, Jimmy Fallon is funnier than a fat guy in a little suit. He's been showcasing his seemingly limitless talent on late night TV since the 90's and we are just lucky to be able to watch him goof off. In this movie he lampoons those guys who care a little bit too much about their favorite sports teams. Great movie, very funny, lovey dovey and, for the guys, BASEBALL!!
  • For Love Of The Game - This 1999 classic is not a comedy, but still is the perfect mix of love and baseball. It explains with extreme excellence the rarity and significance of the 'perfect' game for a pitcher, while echoing the Stephen Stills sentiment to 'love the one you're with'. Kevin Costner is good, Kelly Preston is great, John C. Reilly demonstrates his future promise as a fantastic actor.

What are you favorite 'COUPLE FRIENDLY' chick flicks of all time?