Having grown up in Loveland, I remember the flood that took 144 lives. On July 31, 2018, you can help remember those victims.

The Big Thompson flood of 1976 was my first experience of a natural disaster. Being only nine-years-old, and living in Loveland (not Estes Park or the canyon) it was hard to wrap my head around what had happened.

As the years have gone by, we've all gotten a better understanding of that night. The river unexpectedly rising out of its banks; flash flooding that had people seeking higher ground; authorities doing all they could to help, and the loss of 144 people.

The Reporter-Herald reported that on the 42nd anniversary of the flood, (July 31, 2018) there'll be a gathering at the Big Thompson Volunteer Fire Station, right by the memorial, to remember the flood and its victims. The event won't be ALL somber-- They'll have fried chicken - with folks invited to bring their favorite meals as well. In addition - four scholarships will be awarded by Big Thomson Flood Memorial Inc.

It's a way to say you remember, and you do care.

Get more on the event and the flood memorial from Big Thompson Flood Memorial Inc. HERE.

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