A vigil was held outside of South High School on Monday in Denver after a 17-year old boy was shot and killed at a house party. Davarie Armstrong, who would have been a senior this year, succombed to his injuries on Sunday morning.

According to 9 News, between January and July, Denver Police say there have been 48 homicides, a 55% increase from this time last year.

"He's an amazing young man, first and foremost. Well-mannered, very respectful. He was one of our leaders," said Coach Narcy Jackson, a co-founder of the mentoring program Athletics & Beyond in Denver.

"He was one of our top earners as far as volunteer hours in the program and that speaks to his character," Coach Jackson said of Armstrong. "But he was much more than just sports. He was definitely a standout athlete but he was an even better human being."

"There’s a particular segment of America that prefers to take on the narrative when they hear 'violence' or they hear 'Montbello' and right away they go to 'gang violence' or, 'Where is the father in the house?' or, 'Where are the parents at?'" Coach Jackson said.

"This young man has a family -- he has a mother, he has a father -- he has teammates, he has mentors," Jackson said. "This is a young man who went to have a good time with his friends and, unfortunately, somebody had bad intentions that night and Davarie became the victim of that."

"He was doing what any other young adult would do this time of year, especially after being quarantined for three months," he said. "I'm still in disbelief that this happened."

In the five days between Tuesday and Saturday. A 14-year-old, a 15-year-old and Armstrong have all been shot and killed.

Coach Jackson says this is a product of social and economic factors, as reported by 9 News.

DPD has confirmed, Armstrong did not have ties to any gang and the circumstances of Armstrong's death are still unknown.

If you have any information on this matter contact Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-7867 or go www.metrodenvercrimestoppers.com.

You can support Armstrong's family with memorial costs, here. 

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