A high school senior is looking to go from student council president to mayor of Windsor, Colorado this spring.

17-year-old Hunter Rivera, a Windsor Charter Academy student, has announced his candidacy for the position in the April 2020 election.

The town of Windsor's only criteria to hold office is that you must be 18 upon inauguration. Rivera turns 18 on March 30 — just a few days before the April 7 election.

Rivera is encouraging his peers to head to the polls, as many will be first-time voters in 2020. If he won, there would be about a month of overlap where he would still be a student in school.

According to North Forty News, Rivera was introduced to some elected officials in a political science class when he was 13 and the experience changed his life.

Rivera said he has run for president of student council nearly every year since fifth grade.

Rivera has expressed his frustrations with non-locals running for office in his community. He told North Forty News that “it hurts because it seems like they want to bring in their own state ideals, but this is my home, and I feel like that’s something that we have to protect."

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