Your mother may have told you never to get into a stranger's car, but for one Uber passenger, her driver turned out to be more familiar than she anticipated.

Brandee Barker, a California woman who was campaigning for Hillary Clinton last weekend in Ohio, was surprised to learn her Uber driver was actually the voice of the iconic AOL "You've Got Mail" greeting, according to CNN.

Elwood Edwards, a former voice actor, provided the web company with the famous message in the '90s—a greeting which inspired the 1998 Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks rom-com classic, You've Got Mail.

Barker was driving with Edwards when he told her about his time recording for AOL, causing her to "geek freak" and ask the driver if she could record him saying the famous phrase on her phone.

"I completely geek freaked and asked if he would do the video," she told CNN about the clip, which she shared on Twitter.

Edwards became the "voice of the Internet" when his wife, who in the late '80s worked for the company that would later become AOL, hired him to record a voice notification for when AOL users received e-mail.

He also recorded the familiar phrases "Welcome," "File's Done" and "Goodbye." According to Barker's conversation with Edwards, he was paid $200 for the voice over work, which he recorded onto a cassette tape.

Watch the adorable exchange between driver and passenger on Twitter, below:

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