You can now have someone call your friends and enemies as a turtle. - ran by comedian Brian Spaeth - allows you to have a man call anyone of your choice pretending to be a turtle.

For $2, the turtle will call once and leave a message if the person doesn't answer. Pay $10 and the turtle will try calling 3 times before leaving a message. And for $20, you can schedule the time the call will take place.

The website claims it's not a prank call. Rather, it's a "friendship call" meant to "make a smile happen and not an aggravated face."

The first turtle call was posted online in 2010, but the service took a hiatus in 2011. Turtle calls are now back "for a limited time," according to the Turtlecalls Facebook page.

Here's a sample of the fun your friend will be receiving with Turtlecalls: