He wins.

His video editing capabilities make it very unfair for the rest of us who don't work in the industry. I mean, lasers? Freakin' lasers? Light sabers that we don't have to scoff at? Retinal scans? Sheesh.

Guys, we didn't stand a chance.

Especially when he brings the Lord of the Rings references in. Being chased by a ringwraith on a horse, using aerial photography, and then pulling out a ring to vanquish it, leading right to when he put the ring on her finger? Gads, man.

I especially love how the special effects show the ring to have a stone on it. Super-Lord-of-the-Rings nerds like myself notice details like that. The 'ring of power' from the movie had no stone. Engagement rings do.

He dropped hints, he made references, and he created something epic to start something else that hopefully will also be epic--their marriage.