Planning a wedding is not easy, and according to experts, how you plan your wedding can determine the fate of your marriage. According to Your Tango, there are five tips to help plan your wedding to help lead to happily ever after.

Plan it together - Both the bride and the groom should have input on what they are expecting out of the wedding. It's not all about with the bride and the mother want. Even if the fiancé is not always "interested" in what it going on, you should always include him and keep him up to date. This will start the marriage off on a solid trend of communication.

Don't make assumptions - Don't assume that your future husband isn't interested in what is going on, just because he's not continually asking questions. If you need help planning or getting something scheduled, don't assume that your groom is a mind reader and knows what you exactly want.

Compromise - Traditionally, the majority of the decisions are made by the bride to be... however you should at least let the groom choose something. Will it ruin the wedding if you go with chocolate cake rather than red-velvet, because that's the only thing he wants?  Most likely it wont... so why don't you let him get a few wins in the wedding planning.

Focus on the wedding, and not the bachelor and bachelorette parties - It's great having a blowout party with some of your oldest friends. However, if this is the highlight of the event that's receiving the most attention, this may be a pre-courser of what kid of marriage you're going to have. One of partying, and less of planning ahead and prioritizing.

Connect - Use this time to communicate about what you want. If you are unable to discuss your wants and needs when it comes to such an important day, how do you expect to communicate throughout your marriage?