It's always fun when you get to try something new.  A new pizza place has opened up in Windsor, and it could be just what the town has been looking for!

Anthony's Pizza and Pasta has opened in Windsor- it's in the middle of town, right by Jimmy John's. They have a few locations in Colorado, this is the furthest north location for the state. I stopped in before Christmas to check the place out.

Bam! Right away I knew this place was different, especially for Windsor. Sure, it's a restaurant, but it's also a bar!  You see, there just aren't a lot of places to saddle up to a bar in the Town of Windsor. You have The Hearth, STUFT Burger Bar, the golf courses... But none of those have that 'let's meet up for a beer at ____' feel, in my opinion.

Anthony's has that feel. Let's say it's Tuesday- you take the family there for dinner. It has a lot of room for that, and great food. Then, on Saturday- you meet your friend at their bar for a couple while you catch up.  It's the best of both worlds!

Go check it out and tell me what YOU think? Am I right?

Anthony's Pizza and Pasta

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