Holy Rings of Betazed! Bill Shatner is on his way to the Mile High City!

Of course, Betazed was a part of Star Trek the Next Generation, but we wouldn't have had that show without the Original series, featuring Shatner as Captain James Tiberius Kirk!  

Roy Richlin, Getty Images

I have a friend who is a HUGE Star Trek the Next Generation fan, but she is in NO WAY a fan of the Original Star Trek series and its captain of the legendary Enterprise. I find that a shame, because without that series and Wiliam Shatner as Kirk, she wouldn't be able to have fun with Captain Picard and Ensign Wesley Crusher - 'Shut up, Wesley!'

William Shatner is going out on tour and making a stop in Denver on June 21, 2018! This could make for a GREAT Father's Day present!

He'll be at the Paramount in Denver with a special screening of the fan-favorite, the CLASSIC - Star Trek II - The Wrath of KhanI am seriously giddy with excitement about this show!


It really is a funny scene, because Kirk KNOWS that they won't be stranded on that 'planet', so why is so angry? I guess it's all part of the con of Khan.... That wise buccaneer!

At this screening of Star Trek II, it will include Shatner on stage doing a conversation /Q&A session about the beloved series and his role as Kirk! Too. Much. Fun. I'm ALREADY overwhelmed!

It's a part of the Backlot Project, where they set these kinds of things up. For example, maybe you'd like to see 'Say Anything' on the big screen again, followed by a live conversation with John Cusack!

I wonder, if I had the opportunity to ask ONE question as a member of the William Shatner audience, what would it be?

Bill, -- may I call you Bill? Bill, since it's just you here, you can tell us- Who was your FAVORITE red-shirt to die?'

Something like that- oddball and out of nowhere. It's a brilliant question!

Tickets for the June 21 screening are on sale now for $49.50 up to $99.00. For $150, you get a VIP experience that comes with a PREMIUM seat and a photo-opp with Shatner!

For Christmas, my brother got me a Star Fleet Captain costume-shirt. What a PERFECT opportunity to get my Star Fleet freak on!  Who's joining me?