There's a lot of anxiety over the storm making its way to Northern Colorado. How BAD will it get?  Another question: Can you get a $3 marg in before it all goes down?

My thoughts? How about JUST ONE.

On March 13, 2019, will be seeing either the worst winter storm we've seen in decades, or we'll see that lawn chair tipped over on the green lawn meme.  It's hard to plan what you'll be doing, but maybe you could sneak in one $3 margarita.

It's happening at Chilis. In honor of their anniversary, March 13 (3/13), they're selling their Presidente Margaritas for just $3.13. OOOH. They're good, and that's a primo price. I'm torn.

March 13 only comes once a year. Storms like this, maybe once in a decade. Maybe I'll take a break at Noon. Before it really goes down; a cheap marg will go down nicely.


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