Panera Bread national announced that they’ll be hiring 10,000 people nationwide as they’ll begin to deliver. They said upwards of half of all Panera’s will be delivering. I was curious if the ones around here would be. I made a call.

Panera Bread
Scott Olson, Getty Images

I like Panera's The coffee, the soups, the sandwiches. I have yet to go in there for JUST bread, but that’s just me. They announced that they’re going to start delivering (if your order is $5 or more) later in the year, at 35%-40% of their locations. I wondered, 'Well that sounds like it'll be 50/50 that the Northern Colorado locations will be..' I figured that other folks were curious too, so I gave them a call.

I picked up the phone and called the location at The Front Range Village in Fort Collins. The person I got on the phone wasn’t exactly sure what I was even talking about so they connected me to their catering director.  That person told me that YES, indeed, all the locations in Loveland, Fort Collins and Greeley would begin delivery service in late June or July of 2017!

Do you think you'll be taking advantage of them delivering?

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