The race to be President of the United States is heating up, and will be coming down to a decision in the near future. So what if the candidates were compared to food?

I was thinking about this when I had the chance to go to Walrus Ice Cream in downtown Fort Collins over the weekend, and looked over their entire ice cream menu.

When I was trying to decide what flavor I should choose, I made myself laugh when thinking about which flavor matched up perfectly to the campaigns of each candidate.

While I went with the Funkwerks Ten with Kit Kat as my "guilty pleasure", I found the flavor didn't match up well to any of today's candidates.

Well, if Ted Kennedy was running for President the thought of a beer ice cream might match up to him perfectly. But I digress.

So in digesting my frozen treat further, I played "connect the dots" and saw perfect matches that described their campaigns perfectly.

Dear Ben & Jerry's, if you are reading this post I think these could be big hits for you on the supermarket shelves. You already have an ice cream for Bernie. Why not go for these flavors for the candidates?

Do you think these flavors match up to the campaign of each candidate perfectly? Check them out and let us know!


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