The folks over at Lawnstarter must know me pretty well. I love a good walk with the dog, or more accurately, my dog Charlie loves a good walk with me, my wife and especially our kids.

I've lived in a bunch of different cities over time all around the country, but even all over Colorado. I grew up in Parker. Lived in Boulder. Moved out of state a few years, then have lived in Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley over the years since.

It's true - some places are better to walk your dog than others. They have the top 200 cities in America on this list, and let me tell you... Tucson, Arizona makes the list at #104 and I could not disagree more. It shouldn't be in the top 200.

For starters, you can't walk them during the day - like, ever - because the concrete is as hot as the surface of the sun until really late at night or just at sunrise. And you don't want to go out walking your dog around those times because there's some scary stuff that roams the streets of Tucson in the dark.

Ever heard of a javelina?

Unsplash, Dulcey Lima
Unsplash, Dulcey Lima

They're terrifying. And they don't behave too well when dogs are around.

Anyway, so Tucson shouldn't be on this list. What IS on the list? And where do Colorado cities rank? Let's have a look.

The best cities to walk your dog, according to Lawnstarter are:

1. San Francisco, CA

2. Colorado Springs, CO (Our first Colorado city!)

3. Glendale, CA

4. Portland, OR

5. Oakland, CA

6. Los Angeles, CA

7. San Diego, CA

8. Boise, ID

9. Fremont, CA

10. Naperville, IL

There's a lot of California on that list, huh? I figured everyone in California just carried their dogs around in little purses or strollers, but I guess not!

And where do the Colorado cities rank, and how many do?

Well, we already know Colorado Springs made the top ten, checking in at number two, but other Colorado cites rank:

35. Fort Collins!
Totally agree. Lots of great places to walk your dog in Fort Collins.

84. Denver
Have never lived in Denver proper, so I can't be a judge on this one.

150. Lakewood

160. Aurora

176. Thornton

Noticably absent from the list are Boulder, Greeley, Loveland and some of the areas down around Douglas County, but maybe they'll make it next year.

You can check out their full methodology and the entire list over at

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