Grab the kids and get to Old Town, because there are a LOT of Waldos to be found, leading up to a big 'Where's Waldo Party!'

Old Firehouse Books in Old Town Fort Collins is having a lot of fun this month (July 2018), with ol' Waldo! In the effort to promote shopping at LOCAL businesses, Old Firehouse Books has placed Waldos in 25 local businesses. Through July 27, 2018, stop in at Old Firehouse Books to get your passport and begin looking for the Waldos!

Finding at least 10 of them will net you a button and a dollar off of a 'Where's Waldo' book! Find 20 of them, and you'll also be in the drawing for the Grand Prize that will be given away at their 'Where's Waldo Party' on August 3rd!

What a great way to get out and explore Old Town!   Get more on the search and the party from Old Firehouse Books HERE!

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