For a state that can see over 300 days a year of sunshine, it does pretty good on the road when the bad weather hits. You might argue differently when you're behind a small compact car doing 8 mph in a downpour, or getting passed by a huge 4x4 doing 50 mph with 6 inches of snow on the ground. But, according to SafeWise, Colorado drivers rank among the best in the country when it comes to inclimate weather driving.

SafeWise broke down the stats into two categories: the best and worst states for driving in the rain, and the best and worst driving in the snow. Let's start with the rain:

SafeWise website


As you can see, Colorado is in the green! According to the statistics Safe Wise has gathered, Colorado ranks among the best in handling rain conditions, meaning we are least likely to get into a crash per 100,000 people. Arkansas leads the way with Mississippi, Kentucky, Alaska, and Oregon in the top 5.

Now, let's look at snow conditions:

SafeWise website

While we aren't basking in green with this category, we aren't covered in red either. That non-offending grey means we're somewhere in the middle. However, our good friends and neighbors in Wyoming are struggling. Wyoming ranks #1 most dangerous state for driving in the snow. I don't know if the folks who compile this data or the folks at SafeWise who use the data for this kind of report are factoring in the high winds and blowing snow conditions that accompany almost every snow storm that hits that state. Adding that kind of wind to snow driving is no doubt different than simply driving on snow pack conditions.

SafeWise also reports that there are more accidents in rain than snow. The only state that made both lists for worst driving (rain & snow) is Maine (#8 and #5, respectively). Rhode Island roads are the safest with zero snow-related and two in rain. Hawaii has the most rain, but only ranks 39th for rain-related crashes. October is the worst month for rain and snow related crashes.