Heck, I didn't even know they were there until they were pointed out on Facebook. Yep, there are two 'bomb' things on 4th Street. What are they there for?

I must have walked by these things hundreds of times. These two 'bomb' [imprints] on the facade of one of the storefronts along 4th. People on Facebook have commented that they believe they represent how First National Bank used to be a bomb shelter, but I dont' think that's the case; the 'bombs' are not on the old bank building (which is now Desk Chair Workspace) and they seem much, much newer.

The current occupant of the space is Real Estate Solutions, but I don't think they put them there, either. My GUESS is that the prior occupant, Aspire Media, did - though I really don't know exactly why they would do that, either.

Real Estate Solutions w Bombs

Its a dang mystery, to me, right now. I've reached out to Real Estate Solutions, hoping they might have an idea. We'll see!

Do YOU know what they are?

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