The former Kmart on College near Drake in Fort Collins has the feeling of a sad Bruce Springsteen song. When will it see brighter days?

If the old building could talk, I'll bet it could tell stories for days. Back in its hey-day, it was one of the most happening places in town for shopping. Nowadays, it's just a lingering sign of what used to be.

It's been five years since anybody walked out of there with a purchase, Blue Light Special or otherwise, as the store closed in 2016.

Better things are definitely in store for the site, as The Coloradoan reported in January of 2021, that King Soopers is going to put up a brand new location at the old Kmart site, at some point.

The initial plans for the King Soopers project did include some housing and a parking structure, but King Soopers (Kroeger) just wouldn't go for it. In the end, it will be one of the nicest grocery stores around, for sure.

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It seems probable, that after this new location of King Soopers opens, they'll look at closing the one not far to the north of this new one.

According to The Coloradoan in January, the City of Fort Collins Planning and Development needed a few items addressed before they could approve the project. Add in the downturn in the economy due to the pandemic, and you can understand why things are still quiet and sad at the old Kmart.

Former KMart in Fort Collins
TSM/Emily Mashak

Get more on the project from The Coloradoan HERE.

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